Monday, August 11, 2014

A Reflection , Eucharist : the real presence of the Lord and the completeness of our faith

Caution : This will change the way you will think and act when in celebrating The Holy Eucharist

          Having been baptized in the Roman Catholic and is continuing  to serve the Lord and the Church,
It daunted in my mind how Jesus is truly present in the celebration of the Holy Eucharist or the Holy Mass.

           I thirst for worship and I hunger for his words, knowledge and wisdom.  That is the very reason that I started attending the FEAST in PICC.   So Today in the homily of Father Bob, he  explains the parts of the Holy Eucharist and how Jesus is truly present in it.

              The Procession, The  cross always leads the way.

                      We are in a continuing journey.  This world is not our permanent home but a temporary                                 shelter  Jesus is the way, the Truth and the life and in the procession we are reminded to                               follow him   everyday wherever we may be.

             The Accolides follows bringing the candles.

                   Lighted Candles symbolizes light of Jesus. As we go our way in our countinuing journey in this                      world Jesus lights our paths.

             The priest kisses the table in the altar.

                  A kiss is a symbol of affection of  the love of  God.  Also, we are not the only one present                             when we celebrate the Holy Eucharist but we are accompanied by ALL THE ANGELS AND                     SAINTS.  Imagine St Pope John Paul II, St Peter, St Paul, St Pedro Calungsod, St Lorenzo                         Ruiz, St Francis of Asisi, St Ignatius of Loyola, St Anthony, St Michael the Arc Angel, St                             Raphael, St Gabriel. Wow! all of them are present.  They are there with you.Kind to think that if                   the  Saints  are there in their Holiness   we too are becoming holy .  We will share one body of                       Christ when   we   will receive Jesus in the Holy Communion

              The Liturgy of the Word

                   A constant reminder of how we will be able to become more like Jesus Christ.

              The Liturgy of the Eucharist

                    Offering of the Gifts

                           As we are blessed with our temporal needs it is an opportunity to us to give back what we                            have. Encouraged is 10% of our earnings.

                            We also offer our prayer of petitions. Our needs to live in this world.  Our brokeness. Our                             shortcomings.  Our Failures.

                    Receiving of the Holy Communion

                              How do you receive the God of Host? Is it by hand or by using your toungue?
                             There is an interesting history about this.

                              Which do you think is the traditional way of  receiving the body of Christ?

                              If your answer is by tounge ooops! sorry your wrong.  Receiving the Holy Body of                                      Christ in traditional time is by hand.  The problem during that period is that the people are                               bring  the God of  Host in their homes and community and begin using the God of  Host                                 in their  benediction of their own homes. That is why after 1000 years of doing that, the                                 church think of a way to stop it and  a smart bishop or priest  suggested that the Holy                                   Host will  be received using the toungue.  As the church matures, the Vatican Council II                                 permits the  use either of the toungue and of the hand making no both action lesser or                                     more on the  effect of receiving the body of Christ.  It said that the purity of the heart and                               the openess of oneself is the most important thing to do in receiving the Holy                                                 Communion.

                             For the real presence of  Jesus is to be present within us, as we partake in receiving the                                 holy communion,  then and only then that real presence of the Lord Jesus Christ                                             becomes  present with in us.  And since that the Holy Communion is also received by                                   other people gathered in our community we are in communion with them also.  We                                       become one with the Body of Christ.


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