Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A life of simplicity: St Francis of Asisi

"Do not be afraid of living in simplicity, no matter how much pressure is upon you"

St Francis of Assisi

In the culture of today, people are define of what clothes you wear, what restaurant you have eaten with, what house you are living in, what car you are driving with, what position you are taking, how much money you are earning, and a lot more of whatever extravagant lifestyle you can think of.  But have we realized that God dwells in utmost simplicity, humility and poverty.  Just like what the story of St. Francis is telling us, you can encounter God through its simplest creations. He encountered Christ in birds, in wild animals, in trees (St Francis is a tree huger) , in sun, in moon, My God how I wish to see St Francis love all those stuffs.  How I wish to see him very happy with all smiles and telling stories and preaching to the birds.  But sad to say only few people specially the young do little to appreciate and be happy of what surrounds them.  The spirit of ownership, domination, and commercialism is the recent state of mind of most people.  How I wish and pray that  the destruction of man to his nature stopped.  


Heavenly Father, the creator of all things, the creator of small things and big things, may your people appreciate them and feel blessed that you created them.  May all of us learned the value of worshiping you through living the life of simplicity and humility.  May St Francis inspire us to be like your son Jesus Christ. May we always think and remember what St Francis did when he was transformed by you. May learn and able to love the birds, the dogs that are in the streets, the cats that are our rooftops, the grass that grows in the streets, the trees, the air, the sunlight, the rain, all of these are your creation Lord. So that as we may learn to appreciate and love this creations may it also draw us to love one another, In Jesus name I pray

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