Saturday, July 26, 2014

July 24 2012 (Walk with God)

There are so many blessings that I have received this day.  Just when i woke up in the morning is a blessing.
It is an oppurtunity to have a new day with the Lord.  After opening up my laptop, I sung a few praise and worship songs to the Lord to preapre myself to received the good news of the day.  I pray and was blessed.
I started walking and said to God, Lord lets walk!  I have learned in one of the talk of Bro Bo Sanchez that walking 10000 ten thousand steps a day  is the healthy way of exercising our body. So I moved.  My destination is to reach Baywalk in Malate. But once i got to cross the street of dakota, i realized and thought that since I'm A SLOW WALKER  i was already left by God.  But to think again God never left me but he clears the path of the way that i will be walking.  Just as in everyday activity of our life God always clears the path of our doing.  He saves us from any harm that will be brought against us because we are his children.

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