Sunday, July 27, 2014

Shared Experience "The Feast"

Romans 12: 10

               "Love one another in mutual affection, Out do one another in showing Affection"

What a beautiful verse.  I share ko lang ang mga natutunan ko at napakinggan when i first attended "The Feast" in PICC .

          According to brother Bo to please a partner is easy. It does not need more money to buying luxurious gifts or even travelling in a nice place, To women its like a point earn not for a very long time but it is a point a day.  And another day, the points a guys earned is back to zero. The point is small things that you do to a woman in a day is a plus point for a guy.

          For a guy naman to be pleased by a woman, she should give the guy to take control of the situation.  Halimbawa, the wife said " Honey, ayusin mo nga ung gripo natin kasi natulo kahit full closed na." and normally the husband would say "LATER!"...The husband will not answer for a No instead he will delay his action until the wife will again remind the husband to fix the gripo again...Next is the women must pull back in the situation. Do not treat the guy as in like a child. Halimbawa.  Honey ayusin mo nga ung gripo kasi natulo. pumunta ka sa hardware bumili ka ng gripo ung maganda hwag mo kalimutan ung teflon tape. Kung wala kang gamit manghiram ka kay Mang Carding. kung wlang gamit si mang Carding, pumunta ka kay Mang Olan. ah pag tatawid ka tumingin ka muna sa kaliwa at kanan mo...My God! the woman is treating the guy like a kid giving detailed instructions..How would the guy would feel...Not good d b.

          So as we recall the bible verse Romans 12:10, each one of us must affirmed each others right doings in life.  Let each other feel that he or she is wanted.  We must apply this to have a good and lasting relationships as parents to his/her son daughter, as friends, as community members, as gf and bf, as to our co employee as in every person that we met in our daily lives.

           So I pray, Lord thank you for having invited me to "The Feast". Thank you for all the wisdom, knowledge, Joy that I have experieced this Day. May I continue to serve you and my community in my utmost best.  Pour out your blessings and Grace in the week to come and that i may learned to affirmed and appreciate the people that I have in contact with  in my daily activities. I lift all my worries and troubles to you that you will grant me your solution to all of my problems.  I ask this in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, AMEN.


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